All proxies are mobile 4G proxies with IPv4 addresses.

Currently for automatic setup we offer only static mobile proxies which are better for social management.

We provide manual setup for rotating proxies. You have to contact us to order that, the setup will take around 24 hours usually.

You can go between 5 and 20 Instagram accounts, this depends on your accounts quality

However. We do not recommend running more than 5 accounts at once.

You can rotate your accounts and in this way not more than 5 are doing actions at the same time.

You can buy rotating proxies by contacting us. We'll reply as fast as we can.

You can contact us with the contact information provided below or by clicking the "contact" option on the menu.

No, you will be the only owner of your proxy. We never share your proxy.

It depends on how many proxies you have ordered, usually our setup time is under 5 minutes.

All proxies have speeds from 20 Mbps up to 60 Mbps and they have 99.9% Uptime.

If you change your mind, you have to email us or create a ticket within 48 hours after the order is placed.

We won't ask any question and we'll refund you the full amount as soon as possible.

Yes, we do provide discounts for bulk orders. To get a special offer, contact us, you can find detailed contact info below.

We offer discounts only if you buy 5 proxies or more.

For normal commands (1-5 proxies) we accept only Paypal, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For bulk orders (5+ proxies) we accept multiple cryptocurrencies & wire. Contact us for more details

You can contact us by using the "contact" option from our menu.

Also, you can also contact us on various ways:

email: contact@invictusproxies.com
skype: contact@invictusproxies.com
telegram: @invictusproxies